About ImmunogenX

Dedicated to improving health for individuals suffering from celiac disease. ImmunogenX, LLC was founded in 2013 and is supported by a team of world renowned scientists and advisors. ImmunogenX was formed to address critical needs for individuals with suspected or diagnosed celiac disease. Learn more about our company.

Celiac Disease Therapy

Latiglutenase is a mixture of recombinant proteases that degrade gluten proteins in the stomach rendering them physiologically inactive. The drug has been extensively studied in Phase 2a and 2b clinical trials where it has demonstrated protection of intestinal mucosal injury and symptomatic improvement in CD patients. Learn more

Celiac Disease Management

For disease management we are running a new clinical study following a proof of concept study for a metabolic marker compound that can measure the state of recovery of a celiac patient undergoing gluten-free diet treatment. This is a unique capability for which there are no other effective diagnostics. Learn more

Food Safety

For food safety we are pioneering advanced methods to identify new physiologically relevant gluten peptide sequences in wheat, barley, and rye grain to greatly improve on the capability to screen for the full range of gluten proteins in food products. Learn more