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Improving the lives of celiac patients with passion and science

ImmunogenX is committed to the integrity, scientific excellence, and understanding of celiac disease. This passion is borne of key members of ImmunogenX suffering from celiac disease and dedicating their professional careers to developing innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products to improve the lives of celiac patients.

Latiglutenase has been issued Fast Track designation by the FDA for being an effective and safe drug that meets a critical unmet need. Latiglutenase is the only CD treatment thus far that has been shown in clinical trials to mitigate gluten-induced intestinal mucosal injury as well as significantly reduce symptom severity and frequency.

CypCel is proving to fill a much needed niche in disease management by providing for a minimally-invasive means to monitor the villous health of the small intestine. A dose of simvastatin responds to the varying metabolic decay by an enzyme expressed on the villi. The simvastatin level then measured in a blood sample is directly related to the extent of villous atrophy. The only comparable means to monitor changing villous health is an intrusive and expensive biopsy.

Food Safety is vitally important to CD patients; however, the currently accepted method to ensure low gluten content is ELISA, which has limitations to a large range of gluten protein. New methods are needed to ensure the safety of so-called gluten-free food products. Personnel at ImmunogenX have pioneered the use of liquid chromatography 2D mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) methods combined with a physiologically relevant proteolytic digestion method to unambiguously identify and sequence key new toxic gluten peptide epitopes. Detection and quantitiation sensitivities are well below 1 ppm.